Me, Myself and I


I believe that I cannot fully define who or what I am for you, but since you are here…I hope that you can bare with the things that you may end up seeing and reading.

To warn you, there is no organization of thought in this place. There are no singular topics that rules this space. There are only random thoughts ranging from the mundane and the trivial, to the occasional things that might even be considered philosophical.

I don’t believe in the singular things that can be spoken off. I do, however, believe in the beauty of a chaotic mind; that there is a an avenue for one such as I and perhaps…you as well…to express ourselves in a way that defines who we are.

I do believe that we are beings who should not be restricted by convention; by things that are within the bounds of normalcy but most of all, I do believe that we should not be withing the unforgiving constrict of the world around us. At least I hope this to be true for me. If it is for you as well, then congratulations for not bending to the whims of our system.

Here within the realm of my design, I hope to express whatever it is that I can. Whether it be something out of controversy or something a little more tame…I hope to share them all.

These of course are mere opinions of one chaotic mind. One who is free, ironically, only over the interwoven strings of the cybernetic realm. It is a web where others are free to share their own thoughts and whims. So therefore, a place where I can freely do the same.

And so my dear guests I do hope that you will pardon me if I become brazen from time to time…for there are some moments when kind words cannot apply. Though I will try to be as gentle as I can be, for those who of you that came to me…for little joyous moments and strange insights…one not marred by toxic thoughts nor awful wiles.

But I am of course only human. Which is to say, I too have my vices. So forgive me again if you’ll come to see or notice a bit of gore…a product of my sweet reverie.

After all I am just a soul who observes her duality, not unlike Henry Jekyll who seeks the truth behind the nature of humanity. I have myself an Edward Hyde hiding behind the facet of a smile. So here is to hoping that the darker side of me does not come spilling forth for you to see.

But in the strange case that it does then I hope for you to enjoy it anyway…because there is no greater joy for me than for you to see the very essence of my humanity.

-The Word Slinger’s Whimsy


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