As I Breathe


So it’s 2017 and I haven’t really written anything here.

I’d like to apologize for my inactivity and my lack of presence on this side of the interwebs.

I have been rather busy and life has been taking away from me. So many things have been piling in this little head of mine, but for some reason it just wont come out.

I suppose that there are many things that muddles our mind. It blocks our thoughts and makes it hard for us to express what we want to say. In a passing momnet, we may end up forgetting what it is. There is a certainty to this. I for one am a prime example of being forgetful.

Which is why I will try to break the muddy walls that hinders me from doing the writing that I need to do. Of course, that is to say, I expect a mudslide to pour down when I’m at the peak of a triumphant come back…but as long as I have have something to breathe about. I will write. No matter how little or how much. So long as I can, then I will.

Till then, let us meet again at the intersection of our whimsy.


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