Spotlight Promo: Sing for Me!

Hello there Phans of the Phantom!

We’re reaching that time of the year again when our favorite production reaches its birthday! That’s right! You’ve guessed it! This 2016, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical brain child, Phantom of the Opera reaches its 30th Anniversary!

That’s thirty glorious years of a wonderfully thrilling production that has sent millions into a journey of mystery and music. It has set imaginations aflame which has led people’s souls into a certain kind of darkness that exhilarates the audience into sweet intoxication keeping them at the edge of their seats.

Since it’s the Phantom of The Opera’s 30th birthday, they’ve decided that they want to celebrate this grand event with EVERYONE by performing a really special A Capella.

“All I Ask of You” was popularly sung by the rising young Soprano and the Phantom’s Angel of Music, Christine Daae along with her brave young suitor, the Vicomte Raoul de Changy as a pledge of their love for each other. This time around, the people behind the production wants YOU to take part in it.


“Order your fine horses, be with them at the door.”



…a few weeks ago The Phantom of the Opera has launched its #SingForMe Choir Project. This project aims to involve Phans (Fans) all over the world in an A Capella performance to commemorate the Musical’s 30th Anniversary.

A shout out to all singers have been posted on their Facebook Page. If you have a passion for singing and perhaps for music, then they’re inviting you to grab that video recorder and record yourselves singing the piece chosen for the project. Parts for Soprano, Tenor, Alto and Bass have been prepared for you to choose from. Score sheets and audio files are also available for download to help and guide you in your journey through this unique musical adventure.

 For more information on this Project along with its mechanics, just visit:

Submission of entries for the #SingForMe Choir Project ends on the 2nd of September which happens to be a Friday.

So to all of you Phans and singers alike out there who wishes to take part in this very special performance, they’re looking for you. Who knows; if you let the music caress you, then maybe your soul will take flight. As the start of the productions comes ever closer, let us all experience then the power of the music that he writes.

As for my final commentary for this Promo Spotlight…

In the famous words of our beloved Opera Ghost,

“Sing for me!”


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